Friday, February 1, 2013

DFA 2013 Holidays

Mark your calendars.

The Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) and its Regional Consular Offices (RCOs) and satellite offices in the National Capital Region (NCR) will be closed in observance of the following regular holidays and special non-working days in 2013:

Holiday Name
Holiday Type
March 28, Thursday Maundy Thursday Regular Holiday
March 29, Friday Good Friday Regular Holiday
March 30, Saturday Holy Saturday Observance
April 9, Tuesday The Day of Valor Regular Holiday
May 1, Wednesday Labor Day Regular Holiday
June 12, Wednesday Independence Day Regular Holiday
August 9, Friday Eidul-Fitar Regular Holiday
August 21, Wednesday Ninoy Aquino Day Special Non-Working Holiday
August 26, Monday National Heroes Day Holiday Regular Holiday
November 1, Friday All Saints’ Day Special Non-Working Holiday
November 2, Saturday All Souls’ Day Observance
November 30, Saturday Bonifacio Day Regular Holiday
December 24, Tuesday Christmas Eve Observance
December 25, Wednesday Christmas Day Regular Holiday
December 30, Monday Rizal Day Regular Holiday
December 31, Tuesday New Year’s Eve Special Non-Working Holiday

Per Proclamation No. 459 issued by the Office of the President, February 25, People Power Anniversary, is observed as a special holiday only for all schools. In this regard, February 25 is a working day for all government agencies.

No passport appointments and authentication of civil documents will be scheduled on those dates.

However, on-call skeletal forces at the Passport Division (including Courtesy Lane and Diplomatic and Official Passports Section) and the Authentication Division shall be designated to answer queries related to passport and authentication of civil documents.

For questions and other concerns, please visit or call 556-0000.

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