Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Day Room at NAIA Terminal 1

Arriving at NAIA 1 and your connecting flight in the same terminal is still hours away? 

Day Room image from MIAA website
You can rest and take a shower at the Day Room at NAIA 1. This room was made available for transit passengers of the Leandro Locsin (National Artist of Architecture)-designed passenger terminal.

To avail of this room, just look for the Transfer Desk and inform the staff.  It's $20 for a small room although the washrooms and showers are shared together with free Wi-Fi.


  1. nice to know...i have several hours of layover on my NRT-MNL flight before I fly to Bangkok. I was thinking of finding a hotel room but this will be good enough for me to rest a bit. tnx for the info.

  2. I will be arriving September 2 afternoon and next flight is september 3 in the morning, can I stay in day room at terminal one? Or my wait time between my flights is too long?

    1. I'm not sure about that long wait but you can contact the Public Affairs Office of NAIA 1, here's their number +63.2.877-1109 loc. 2444.

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